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Welcome to the official Jim Gillum site. Since the release of the video of the song, "Siri Hears Me Talkin' in My Sleep," we have reached over 85,000 views on YouTube and IndiMusicTV! You can download the song simply by joining my mailing list. The new album, as well as the video for "Siri" is also available. Many exciting things are happening in 2023, so stay with us for regular updates on shows, releases, or special events. Check out my fan page on Facebook and my YouTube channel. You can stream my new album, "Strawberry Moon:The Best of Jim Gillum," as well as my 2017 release, "Soak it Up" on Spotify. Simply click the Spotify link on the right!

It's Here! 

The new album has finally arrived! Well, the physical version, that is. On April 1st I will be officially releasing my latest and greatest album, "Strawberry Moon: The Best of Jim Gillum." If you are among the fortunate and happen to run into me at a gig, or really anywhere, I'll have this disc available. They made one small error in duplication, which means the first batch is a collector's item! More exciting news to come.

Exciting news! There is a new album on the way! 

Yes, I meant to say album. (If we can still get away with calling a scrapbook of pictures an "album," then we can still get away with calling a musical project by the same name). After spending a year and a half dealing with a pandemic, I came out of it with at least a couple of new songs. One is titled, "Strawberry Moon," and the other is titled, "Siri Hears Me Talkin' in My Sleep." We were even able to enlist the help of video producer, Paul Bernstein, who has produced videos for Carrie Underwood and John Michael Montgomery, to produce a video for this song. The target date for the release of the project is February 2022 and will be accompanied by a release show event, details of which to be revealed at a later date. 


I couldn't be more excited about this project. It includes my best work over the years, with some songs re-packaged in new arrangements and new recordings. It pays homage to the people and things that have had the greatest influence on me over the years, from Rich Mullins, to my family, to my faith, and to even my students. I will keep you updated frequently as we move closer to the date of the album's release. (There- I said "album" again!)